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About Us



The company was set up originally by Collin Lawson in the early 90s. Collin began his career in the Royal Air Force as a Radar and guided missile Technician.

After graduating from the No1 Radio School at Locking as a junior Technician, Collin studied part-time for a further 7 years, gaining the Higher National (HNC) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering with endorsements in Computer science, Mathematics, Instrumentation and Controls. He is a member of the institute of Electrical and Radio Engineers (IERE).

After leaving the RAF, Collin worked in Germany for Philips Elektrologicia as a computer development engineer, specializing in hardware design. After 4 years he left Philips, and joined UNICO Gmbh. as a systems design manager and later as the European Service Manager. Collin speaks fluent German, and as a result of his extensive work in French-Speaking Africa (Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Mali, Senegal and Algeria) he is also able to communicate adequately in French.

Collin returned to the UK in the earl 80s, and set up his first company COLSONIC LTD in Corby. After the demise of this business, he moved to the West Midlands and started MICRO DRIVE CONTROLS LTD operating as a 'SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR to provide the sheet metal processing industry with high quality control systems. Since this time, MICRO DRIVE has supplied numerous companies (large and small) world wide with control systems.

The company has managed to stay ahead of the competitors by recruiting highly qualified and experienced Engineering staff, and applying the latest 'state-of the-art' technology and innovation in the design and production of its systems.

Scope Of Supply

Our wide range of control systems covers:

  •   Blanking lines (Utilizing DC and AC motors)
  •   AC and DC Servo Drives (For cut-to-length lines)
  •   Rollforming lines (Purlin lines, Corrugated sheets)
  •   Flying shear systems (Cut to mark, or cut to register)
  •   Slitting lines (0.5mm to 12mm with constant line speed and electronic back tension)
  •   Tube manufacturing lines, and tube manipulation
  •   Decoiling and recoiling
  •   Plate lines
  •   Spring manufacturing controls
  •   Corrugated board controls utilizing Duplex rotary knives
  •   Paper printing with register control
  •   Foam injection controls

Our Suppliers:

We insist on providing our clients with the best and latest technology when designing our systems
by ensuring that our suppliers of bespoke components are reputable and internationally recognized. This ensures spares back-up, and technical support. These components include Inverters, Drives, HMIs, PLCs, Processors, AC and DC motors.

Our Customers:

We have enabled several small businesses to get started, by providing them with their first system, and as they become established they have remained loyal and as a consequence have provided them with all the control needs.

We have also over the years provided some of the largest sheet metal processing companies in the country ( Corus, CJ Uptons, United steels, Albion Sections (Sebden) C&S Neath just to name a few) with their control needs ( A comprehensive list of customers available on request)


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