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Our office is based in Tipton in the West Midlands, and consists of two adjoining industrial units totaling 2500 square feet.
Narrow blanking line comprising uncoiler feeding into a looping pit and out into the leveller and into a second loop storage pit then into the roll-feed unit to the shear and then to the automatic stacker
Forming mill with rack and pinion flying cut-off control
Tube making lines allows the precise speed control of the forming and sizing mills independently or together. Readouts of mill currents and speeds with sizing mill 'speed trim' allows the accurate setting of the speeds. A flying saw cuts the produced tube to and accuracy of +/- 1.00mm at max. line speed
Spring making line. Customer is able to make: a) Tension springs b) Torsion springs c) Compression springs
Touch screen HMI, allows the convenient creation of 'virtual' push buttons, switches lamps etc, without the need for hard wiring. If the customer wishes to add a function to his control console, this can be easily and cheaply done.
Corresponding control consoles for the above drives. This particular system consists of 7 Dc drives and 5 ac inverter drives and 3 'soft starts, together with a PLC with over 250 i/o.
Multiple control console forming and integrated 'Turn-key' project.
Control cubicle in production showing large DC drives.(up to 350kw). Each drive occupies a separate cubicle and are interconnected on site.
Our production areahas been increased to accommodate the increased demand. We have now added the adjoining unit to our overall factory space These pictures show two systems in the test and 'burn in' phase of production. All systems are thoroughly tested and allow to run for an extended period before dispatch. This ensures that few on-site problems are encountered during installation and commissioning.
Reducing mill control panel, showing mill speed potentiometer and recoil tension setting with read-outs. This allow the operator to the initialize recoil tension, thereafter the tension is automatically adjusted.
Reducing mill control system, employing DC motor with 4- quadrant, and AC recoiler with recoil tension control and tension readout along with mill current indication.
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